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Explaining Online Casino Bonuses

Introduction to Online Casinos

Online casinos love to trumpet their bonus offers to attract new and veteran online gamblers alike. The bonuses offered by online casinos can be quite enticing but it is also very important that online gamblers understand the ins and outs of the online casino bonus. As with all things that concern online casinos, Bonuses can be very confusing and end in extreme disappointment if the gambler is not well informed. We will explain how the online casino bonus works and then we will pick some of our favorites for our readers. There are four major points about the online casino bonus that need to be explained.

Types of bonuses:

There are many types of bonuses offered by online casinos. The most common is the sign-up bonus. These bonuses are a one time only offer to all new members of the online casino in question. The user may be given a bonus that matches the amount of their deposit or they may be offered a bonus that is paid by matching the amount of several deposits. These would typically appear as, for example; Up to $777 first time, deposit bonus. Deposit up to $777 and we will match 100% of your first deposit. Another example would be; Up to $5000 first time, deposit bonus. Deposit up to $500 for each of your first 10 deposits and we will match your deposits for a total of up to $5000. Online casinos also offer extensive loyalty and rewards programs, daily, weekly, weekend, monthly and even annual bonuses. There are often special bonuses that are announced to only those players who are online at the time the bonus is offered. Finally many online casinos have slots clubs, blackjack clubs, poker clubs and a wide array of special clubs and tournaments. Do your homework and find the play poker online whose bonus program you find appealing as part of your decision making process when choosing an online casino.

Terms and Conditions:

Before you flip for that amazing bonus program and decide to sign up, it is essential that you read all the terms and conditions that the online casino has posted about any bonus you are considering. If there are no terms and conditions posted, find another online casino. The bonus may sound super enticing but unless you read, understand and agree with the terms and conditions, do not sign up. Also it is very important that you have the option to refuse any bonus an online casino is offering. No gambler should ever be forced to accept a bonus or penalized for not accepting one. Violating the terms and condition of a bonus can result in a gambler being disqualified from collecting the online casino games. Anytime you are unsure about anything concerning an online casino bonus, contact the online casinos customer support before you place your first bet. Never risk accidentally disqualifying yourself from a bonus.

Games that do not satisfy bonus requirements:

Online casino bonus programs usually exclude some of the gambling games you can play when attempting to collect a bonus.  Games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette may be excluded from qualifying for the betting requirements at many online casinos. Games that are not excluded may have high betting requirements. If you see a bonus offer for an online casino that claims to offer a bonus with low betting requirements on every single available casino game, beware. You definitely want to look carefully into that casinos background and check to find out if the casino is trustworthy.

Betting Requirements:

Every online casino bonus requires the gambler to bet a certain amount before they can collect their bonus. For example, lets say a bonus has a 10x betting requirement. That means you must bet 10x the total of the deposit plus the bonus before you can cash in. If you deposited $100 and the bonus was $100 for a total of $200, then you will have to bet $2000 or 10x the total of the deposit plus the bonus.  Some bonus offers look great but the amounts that a gambler is required to bet to collect their bonus can make some bonuses a very bad choice. Some games may require you to bet as much as 50x the deposit plus the bonus. This can make playing  a particular game undesirable when trying to qualify a bonus. Be sure to check the betting requirements carefully before you sign up. These are the basic rules of the online casino bonus. Be sure to always read and understand all the terms and conditions before signing up for any casino bonus. Make sure the betting requirements are fair and the exclusions dont limit you to playing only games you do not even enjoy. There are many online casinos with great bonus programs and it requires research and patience to find the one that is right for you. Also check our capsule reviews and reader comments.


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What Prevents Online Casinos From Cheating?

Do People Win At Online Gambling?

Online gamblers want to gamble at online gambling establishments they feel are safe and that are giving them honest results. Anything less is totally unacceptable. Nothing hurts the online gambling industry more than accusations of cheating or accusations of unfair games that are rigged. Of course, nothing is more unfair to honest online gamblers than cheating. Thankfully, actual cases of cheating are rare. The online gambling forums have been particularly vigilant against cheating and have been very helpful in advocating for the online gambler when accusations of cheating have occurred. The vast majority of online gambling establishments have also done their part to try to prevent any cheating. Lets look at how different types of online gambling establishments can be subjected to cheating and what you can do to protect yourself. Most accusations of cheating in online gambling have occurred in online poker. This is due to the fact that online poker is a real-time activity involving groups of players and does not involve the use of a RNG (random number generator) to give the results of the players action. Many of these cases involved former employees of the online gambling establishment and was considered insider cheating. The former employees were supposed to have used a back door to the software that allowed them to view all the players hole cards as the game was in progress and provide this information to the cheater at the table. The cheating was often uncovered because other players were watching the results of the hands and they felt something was way out of line. Paying attention to what is going on as you play and keeping records of results is important for online gamblers. It is especially important to document everything that occurs if you feel something is wrong with a game.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Play at online establishments that provide complete records of round by round play for all the players to access and download. Discuss your suspicions with other progressive slot jackpots in the online poker rooms chat room and in the online forums. Ask yourself honestly if you really feel someone is cheating or if you are overreacting out of anger about losing. Check the online gambling forums to see if there have been other accusations against the online gambling establishment in question and try to contact the original poster of the complaint to get their input. Making an accusation of cheating against another player is a serious thing and must be accompanied by as much documentation and support as possible. The other worry in Online Poker is collusion among players at the table. The online poker sites themselves must watch the play at their tables and look for specific patterns of play that will tip them off to the probability of cheating. Play patterns are important in monitoring for cheating. It is also important to see if certain players are always at the same table when these unusual patterns may occur. This requires that the online poker rooms carefully monitor the play and have predesigned criteria in place as to what may indicate cheating or collusion. If a player notices unusual patterns of play they must also fully document this before reporting it to the online poker room. Lets look at online gambling games like slots, blackjack, craps, bingo, video poker and other games that are single player games. These games are protected against cheating by the website security and encryption, the software and the RNG (random number generator). It would require very advanced technology and computer knowledge to crack the firewalls and encryption protecting the online casino. The same goes for anyone manipulating the RNG. Online gamblers should remember that all of these games do favor the house and losing is a common occurence. If you still feel you are being cheated and you really want to pursue the matter, documenting your play over a period of time is essential.

Online Casino Algorithms

To quote the respected Wizard of Odds (; “It is the nature of gambling that sometimes you will suffer long losing streaks. However, if you still suspect foul play, you first need to design an experiment to test their game. The test should indicate how much you will play, what you will observe, and how the results will be judged. You should not include information collected before the experiment was designed. For example, if you think a blackjack game has too few aces in the deck you should track the frequency of the aces as well as the non-aces. The more information the better. In this example, I would suggest tracking every rank from 2 through ace. If you are simply losing excessively then tracking only the number of hands and total money lost is sufficient. Assuming your final bankroll is pertinent to the experiment, then I would strongly recommend flat betting to minimize variance and keep the math simple. It takes a large sample of evidence to prove foul play. An accusation of cheating will be convincing only if you can say the odds of your observations are about 1 in 10,000 or less. To rise to this kind of level, a lot of data is required. I hate to throw out a number, but if forced, Id say at least 1,000 bets would be required. Once you have some good clean data, you are welcome to e-mail me and if you followed my directions I will take it seriously. If I can, I will tell you the probability of the outcome you observed. Please dont bother making an accusation to me unless you have specific numbers to back them up.” This is a very complicated and time consuming process but steps like this are a must if you want to try to prove cheating in online games like these. The online sportbooks have a well defined policy in place to monitor for cheating and to try to prevent cheating. Prop bets and play in lower levels of sports are particular areas that are watched by the online sportsbooks as these areas have been used by professional cheaters to cheat the land based sportsbooks. The online sportbooks set strict limits on the bets and on the odds on prop bets to help control the temptation to try to cheat on prop bets. One recent attempt at cheating in a lower level tennis tournament is an example of how monitoring events carefully is a primary method to prevent cheating against online sportbooks. In this tournament, betting would normally have been about $500,000 but over $7 million was bet, mostly on the underdog. This already raised red flags and when the favorite quit due to claimed injury early in the match, the online sportbooks notified the ATP ( the tournaments governing body) and voided all bets on the event. To their credit, most of the online sportsbooks have agreements in place with many of the governing bodies of the various sports to deal with events like the tennis tournament. By carefully monitoring betting patterns and sporting events the online sportsbooks work to prevent cheating. Of course, the main line of defense against cheating is being pro-active. This requires players to find online casinos, online poker rooms, online sportsbooks and other online gambling establishments that they trust. Doing proper research to screen online gambling establishments, using our 14 point checklist, is the first step in the process of finding safe places to gamble online. Making sure the online gambling establishment is properly licensed with a gaming jurisdiction and / or government is very important. One should also make sure they are using top quality software, industry standard or better encryption and have top level internet security. Beyond these obvious steps, being active in online gambling forums and checking the online gambling blacklists are your primary pro-active tools of defense against cheating. Make sure any online gambling establishment you may be considering is not on any blacklists and regularly check the forums for reports of cheating. As with anything in life, taking the time to find the safe places to gamble online requires a little effort on your part. It is better to make an effort in advance to find the most reputable places to gamble online and we have listed the steps you can take to avoid gambling at dishonest casinos as well as steps to take if you feel cheating has occurred. 1. Screen any online Gambling establishment you are considering with our 14 point checklist. 2. Use the forums and blacklists as your source of information on unsafe places to gamble online and for reports of possible cheating. 3. Keep full documentation of any suspected cheating. 4. If you feel there is cheating going on contact the online gambling establishments customer support to discuss your suspicions and present your documentation. 5. If the online gambling establishment is not helpful and you feel you have a serious issue , the next step is the licensing body that governs the online gambling establishment. Present all your documentation to them. 6. If you still cant get the issue resolved, take your case to the forums. Keep it factual and avoid making rash or inflammatory accusations. There are several forums that make an effort to take important issues to the online gambling establisments as your advocate. Contact them if all else fails and they may be able to help you. To be fair, the skills that are required to hack or manipulate the software that controls the games in online gambling establishments is way beyond the abilities of the average gambler. It would take serious, expert level knowledge of computing and years of using super computers to crack the encryption that protect most of todays online gambling establishments. The primary method used to hack anything is what is called “Human Engineering.” In other words, people knowingly or unknowingly provide the information needed to access secure data. Beyond all the various methods that online gambling establishments use to protect us against cheating, they must also carefully supervise and monitor their employees day to day operations. No employees should ever have unsupervised access to gambling software and all access should be recorded. Software companies that produce the gambling software must be required by contract not to provide hidden backdoors into their software and financial penalties should be included if it is later found that back doors existed that enabled cheating. It is incumbent on the industry itself to make sure that cheating does not occur as it is in their best interest to prevent all cheating. If people feel that it is not safe to gamble at an online gambling establishment, the establishment in question will not make money. It is incumbent on both the online gambling establishments and the players to be vigilant against cheating. The online gambling establishments must be receptive to investigating properly documented accusations of cheating and players who feel they have been cheated must make the effort to provide proper documentation. No one is perfect and accusations of cheating will occur. Only through careful monitoring by both the online gambling establishments and the players can we work to prevent cheating. The online gambling establishments must to continue to do all they can to prevent cheating and to continue to invest in developing new methods to protect their players. If you feel that you have been cheated at an online gambling establishment or that you have witnessed cheating, feel free to contact by posting your information in the comments section of this article. We will do our best to help resolve any documented cases of suspected cheating. As always, gamble for fun and within your limits. May all your bets be winners.


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How to Find the Best Online Casino Sites

Online Casino With No Deposit Bonus

Let’s say you’re a fan of casino games and want to start playing online, but don’t know how to get started. It’s a common problem. Finding the best online casinos isn’t as easy as finding good land-based casinos. The best brick and mortar casinos have famous names like the Bellagio and the Las Vegas Sands. They have impressive amenities and a solid reputation from travelers, high rollers and casual gamblers. What about online, though? Few people new to online gambling will recognize the name of an online casino. How do you know which casinos are the best and which to avoid? The first thing you need to do is conduct some research. The fact that you’re here is a good start. Casino review websites such as this one and Online Casino Suite provide invaluable information for finding the best casinos. The easiest information to find is who to avoid, because people are very eager to complain when they are wronged by a company. We have an extensive blacklist of casinos that you should never trust with your money. Before visiting any online casino, read up on them at websites like Suite and our website. Industry feedback and customer feedback are very important.

Online Casino Real Money

Most online casinos offer free casino games that you can play with no risk. That is a good way to get acquainted with the casino, its software and its games. When you are ready to play for real money, though, be sure that the online casino has software that is deemed safe and fair by a respected regulatory authority. That can be a government agency, but doesn’t have to be. Independent regulators like eCOGRA routinely test casino software and only give the best and safest their seal of approval. If you can’t find proof that the casino is approved by a trusted regulatory group, don’t play there. It’s not worth the risk. We have a good selection of reviews to help you find the best casinos on the Web. Once you have found casinos that have good reputations and are deemed safe and fair by regulators, you still have to narrow your choices down from a large field. That’s when you should look at what each casino has to offer. Start with the game selection. Some online casinos are geared mostly toward online slots. If that’s all you want to play, finding a casino with a slots focus should give you a better selection. Other casinos focus on table games. Most online casinos, though, have a broad range of games so no matter what you want to play, you can always find something. Peruse the game selections of the online casinos and decide who offers the most games that you want to play. The best online casinos also offer lots of tournaments. Not everyone likes tournament action, but for many players, it is a great way to experience their favorite games with little to no risk. Instead of paying individual wagers, you simply pay an entry fee and compete for a prize. Sometimes, like in freeroll tournaments, there is no entry fee at all. Some online casinos don’t have any tournaments, while others have a few, but only for online slots. The best online casinos have a good selection of tournaments for a variety of games.

Best Online Casino In The World

Promotions are another thing that sets online casinos apart. Virtually all casinos offer some type of welcome bonus to reward you for signing up, but they wildly vary in generosity. Some offer a percentage match on the first bonus, while others spread the bonus out over multiple bonuses. Casinos also offer different wagering requirements for your bonus money. Don’t just focus on the welcome bonus, though, because once you’ve been a member for a while, those do you no good. Look for an online casino that has good promotions to reward frequent and loyal customers. Once you have found an online casino that is safe, offers games that you like, tournaments that you want to play and generous promotions, it just comes down to enjoyment. Try a few casinos. Which casinos do you have the most fun frequenting? If you can come up with an answer for that, I think you’ve found the best casino (or casinos) for you.


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Online Casino Games For Fun And Relaxation

Free Slot Machine Games Without Downloading Or Registration

When we consider which online casino games we would like to play, it helps divide them into two categories: skill games and fun games. When the desire strikes us to play a game strictly for fun and relaxation, there are several to chooses from in just about every online casino. We do not mean to give the impression that skill games are not also fun but skill games are meant to be played when your concentration and mental facilities are sharp and you are in the mood for a challenge. If the mood strikes you to play a game purely for fun game, then go with the mood and gamble without expectations and for simple enjoyment. One of the best examples of a fun game is, to our way of thinking, Slot Machines. Slots are totally random games of chance. As we have said many times here, there is no system or method to beat the slots. They are governed by modern electronics and the Random Number Generator that is inside every slot machine, randomly selects the winning reels from billions of possible online casino sites. Ignore all the cant miss systems you see advertised and when you play the slots, do it for the right reasons. Those reasons are simply to have fun and relax. Any winnings you may end up with when you play the slots should be considered an unexpected perk. The real payoff from the slots is the pleasure you have in playing them.

Free Casino Games Download

One can spend many relaxing hours with a small starting bankroll at the slot machines. It isnt necessary to spend thousands of dollars at the slot machines to have fun. As a matter of fact, as always, we strongly advise online gamblers to set limits in advance and stick to them. This should not just include the starting bankroll. Limits should also be set on losses, winnings and the amount of time you spend gambling. Gambling until you are exhausted is not gambling for fun and online slot machine. Nor is gambling away vast sums of money, in excess of your original limit, to try and Get Even. Desperation gambling rarely, if ever, results in winning and the consequences can be financially devastating. So gamble responsibly by setting limits and sticking to them. One of the major draws of online slots is the incredible sophistication of modern computer based gambling games. Games like HellBoy and Thunderstruck 2 have amazing sounds and astonishing graphics with a depth of game play that is limited only by the players imagination. Todays online slot machine is not just a device to drop a coin in and then pull a handle and wait for the reels to spin out apples and oranges. Todays online slots are visual and audio symphonies of mind boggling complexity that will delight the senses. For those online gamblers who are looking for that one in a million chance of winning the ultimate jackpot there are progressive online slots like Mega Millions that have potential payouts in the millions of dollars. The amount of choices and variety of online slots is practically endless. There are hundreds of amazing, fun to play slot online slot machines just waiting for you to play them.

Free Casino Slot Games For Fun

One of the other major appeals of online slots are the numerous slots tournaments that can found at most online casinos. There are many online casinos that offer a regular schedule of slots tournaments. There are all sorts of prizes to be won, from  casino tokens and cash all the way up to ocean cruises and a years free gambling. The variety is endless and part of the fun of online slots is doing your research and finding the online casinos with the most exciting games and packed calenders of regular tournaments. Here are some links to our favorite Online Slots Casinos: 1. Manhattan Slots 2. All Slots Casino 3. Spin Palace Casino 4. All Jackpots Casino 5. Rushmore Casino Another game that is based on luck is Keno. The keno game card is a electronic ticket with the numbers 1 to 80 marked on it. Each individual keno game is called a Race. The player will choose which wagers they wish to select from the keno pay table and then select their numbers accordingly. When the race starts, virtual balls are pulled one at a time from an electronic hopper using 80 balls marked 1 to 80 until 20 numbers have been selected. As each number is selected, it is posted on the Keno Game Board. These numbers are generated by a Random Number Generator just like with the slot machines. As with slots, the number of possible combinations is in the billions. Players have a wide variety of wagers to select from the keno payout table. Players have the option of selecting from 1 to 10 numbers, selecting the four outside corners or making Way bets by circling groups or combinations of numbers. The player may also play a Split Ticket in which a line is drawn through the ticket dividing the ticket into 2 tickets of 40 numbers. There is such a large variety of wagers on keno payout tables that the player must consult payout table at the online casino where they are playing. Some online casinos may offer as many as 25 or more different pay tables to choose from and the odds favor the house from 4% to 66% unlike the typical house edge in non-slot games of 0% to 5%. With a strong house edge keno is a game to be played for passing the time and enjoyment and not for profit. Here a a few links for online Keno: 1. Cherry Red Casino 2. Millionaire Casino 3. Rushmore Casino 4.  888 Casino 5. All Jackpots Casino Finally we come to one of the worlds most popular and social games; Bingo. This well known game is becoming quite popular on the internet with estimated growth to over a $1.0 Billion by 2010. Online Bingo is often played by downloading software. It can also be played with a java or flash application that allows one to play immediately after opening an account. Numbers are generated by a random number generator in online Bingo. Online bingo offers players many features which make game play easier, such as auto-daub. Auto-daub automatically marks off the numbers on cards as they are called. Other features include Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting where players cards are sorted and highlighted by those closest to Bingo. This can be very helpful when playing multiple cards. Most online sites offer a great variety of versions of Bingo to keep players interested and coming back for more. Some sites feature inexpensive 10 cent a card games and other may limit the amount of cards you can play per game to help make it easier to play against bingo high rollers who play dozens of cards at the same time. To help with the social aspect of bingo online, sites often offer chat features during the games which allow you to chat with other players as you play. This adds a new dimension to Bingo, as talking to other players during land based games is usually forbidden. There are also many bingo tournaments offered by online casinos and online bingo rooms. The variety goes from cash prizes and casino tokens all the way up to the World Championships of Online Bingo with over $250,000 in cash prizes. Online gamblers will find an exciting array of bingo games and events waiting for them and we strongly suggest that online gamblers give Bingo a try for themselves. Here are links to our favorite online Bingo rooms: 1. Bingo Hall 2. Bingo Palace 3. Saturn Bingo 4. 123Bingo Online 5. Big Time Bingo These are the online casino games that we play for fun and relaxation. While your idea of what is entertaining and relaxing may differ from ours, we would suggest that the next time you feel like some online gambling but dont want to play a skill game like poker or blackjack, that you give one of these three exciting games a try. You just might be surprised by the great time you may have while enjoying any evening of Online Slots, Online Keno or Online Bingo. And if you already know the pleasures of these great games (or even if you are brand new to online casino games), try some of  our favorite online casinos and online Bingo rooms that we have linked in this article. You may find a new place to add to your list of favorites.



Welcome to Blackjack Secrets!


Online blackjack has a long history. It is thought blackjack originates from a 17th Century French game called ‘Vingt Et Un’. The name of this title means ’21’ and the rules of ‘Vingt Et Un’ bear a striking resemblance to those used today in online blackjack. A game called Seven and a Half also existed during this century. Players received valued cards in this Italian game in an attempt to obtain a score of seven and a half. They lost if dealt a card which took them over this score. The rules of this game are similar to those of other blackjack titles throughout history.


There are many versions of online blackjack in existence. However, the basic rules of each online blackjack game remain the same despite differing features and bonuses. Online casino players are dealt two cards at the start of an online blackjack game. The House is given two cards at the same time. Each card in online blackjack has a numbered value and these totals are combined to create an overall score. Online casino players try to obtain a higher score than The House in this game by requesting further cards. An online blackjack gamer has lost if they are given a card which takes their total over 21. Online casino gamers can also choose to ‘stand’. This means they do not receive another card. There are many ways for players to win in online blackjack. A selection of these include: A player wins in online blackjack if they are dealt a score of 21 (an Ace and a face card) with their first two cards. An online blackjack gamer has won if The House achieves a score over 21. The House is required to stand on a certain total in many online blackjack games. Players can win in certain circumstances if they have a score greater than this total.


Blackjack has been played for over four hundred years. The game shows little sign of losing its popularity and online casinos have introduced blackjack to many more players. Online blackjack has become a staple addition to any online casino and many versions of this classic casino game are available.


Of course, it’s impossible to say for sure what the future holds for blackjack. As more and more online blackjack games are launched, it seems inevitable that those titles which put a unique spin on traditional blackjack rules will survive and prosper. This bodes well for innovative online blackjack variants such as Top Hat 21 and 21 + 3 Blackjack.


A lot is changing in the online blackjack world right now with classic rules blackjack vying with quirky upstarts for the attention of casino members. But one thing is for sure – this is an exciting period for online blackjack.


Blackjack Secrets has an impressive portfolio of titles for both new blackjack players and seasoned pros. Blackjack Secrets is one of the top UK casinos for online blackjack, offering traditional versions of the game as well as newer varieties.

Why play online blackjack at Blackjack Secrets?

Blackjack Secrets gives online blackjack players a selection of fantastic titles. These games are designed to give players a realistic blackjack experience in the comfort of their own home. Online blackjack games, such as Power Blackjack, have a number of features which create a realistic casino experience. These online blackjack games have authentic sound effects. Many of the online casino titles include voice samples from a dealer. Blackjack Secrets online blackjack games have realistic graphics. Games such as Table Blackjack have impressive visual effects. Many of these online blackjack titles feature authentic table designs. Online casino favourites such as Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus include a set of chips on the table and a card shoe. These little touches add a great deal of realism to online blackjack games.


Blackjack Secrets offers a selection of classic blackjack games. These online casino games preserve the rules which have been passed down through the centuries. The likes of Table Blackjack and European Blackjack – Player’s Suite offer a classic blackjack experience. These titles are ideal for players who enjoy a traditional game or two from time to time.

Online blackjack and the authenticity question

Indeed, many online casino members express surprise about the level of authenticity on show in the latest online blackjack games. Everything from the ornate design of the shoe to the layout of the tables is lovingly recreated for the player – it really does feel just like a land-based casino game. With such painstaking attention to detail, it is little wonder that more and more people are going online for their regular fix of traditional online blackjack.


Blackjack Secrets offers a number of casino blackjack games with special bonuses. Many of these titles are exclusive to online casinos and blackjack players may not find these bonuses in land-based games of blackjack.

Online Blackjack bonus features

These bonus features can give online blackjack players the opportunity to increase their cash prizes. A selection of these online blackjack games with special bonuses include: Blackjack With Hot Streak Bonus Vegas Blackjack With 20+ Bonus Who would enjoy these modern blackjack games? Online blackjack games with bonuses give casino members new ways to play blackjack. These titles are ideal for online blackjack players who want the opportunity to considerably increase their winnings. Many experienced players try to win more than they would do in a standard game by tapping into their extensive knowledge of online blackjack variations.


Online blackjack is a casino title with simple rules and it is an ideal game for new players. Indeed, many beginners prefer to play blackjack in an online casino. Some of the reasons for this include: Online blackjack can be played at any speed. Games of land-based casino blackjack are fast-paced and many new players do not have time to think about their next slots strategy. Online blackjack allows casino gamers to play at their own pace. Land-based casinos can be noisy and distracting places. Online casinos allow players to enjoy and learn blackjack without any distraction. Blackjack players cannot ask for help or guidance during a land-based game. There are many guides to online blackjack on the internet and players can find hints and strategies almost immediately in the comfort of their own home. Blackjack Secrets players can enjoy online blackjack without having to pay. This allows new players the opportunity to learn and experience blackjack without having to place any bets. A land-based casino does not offer players this privilege.


Blackjack is one of the most famous table games of the last century. Indeed, such is the popularity of blackjack that it has featured in a number of books and films. Blackjack in film Blackjack has featured in a range of modern and classic feature films. The recent movie 21 tells the semi-fictional story of card-counting students from the University of Massachusetts. The film follows the lives of six undergraduates as they try to win multi line slots games of blackjack at a number of Las Vegas casinos. Respected actors Kevin Spacey and Laurence Fishburne both star in this tense drama. The seminal Jack Nicholson film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest also includes a blackjack game. Nicholson’s character acts as the croupier during a scene in the Oscar-winning movie. Blackjack in books The popularity of blackjack has resulted in a number of playing guides; advice for gamers who want to develop their chances of winning in online blackjack. There are also a number of fictional novels which feature this classic casino game. The Ben Mexrich novel Bringing Down The House was the inspiration for the film ’21’; the 2003 book charts the success of a team of blackjack-playing students. The story was said to be inspired by actual events, although many of the previous members of the M.I.T. blackjack team have disputed sections of the book. The fascination with blackjack Unlike some casino games, online blackjack is a game of skill which gives players the chance to win through their actions and decisions. This has led to much speculation about how to play the ‘perfect’ game of blackjack. Many blackjack hints are available for the casino game and players can register at Blackjack Secrets to find out if they’ve got a winning blackjack strategy. The glamour of blackjack There’s a certain glamour about blackjack that has undoubtedly been built up over the years by its usage in films, television and books. Indeed, we think casino blackjack is possibly the most bombastic game in the world; one which combines luck with real skill and strategy, and we’re so happy to be able to offer our great online adaptation to Blackjack Secrets members. As we’re sure you’re aware, in blackjack players attempt to reach a score of 21 from two cards dealt to them and any more which they can ask the dealer for. The tension comes from trying to second-guess what the next card being dealt is – is it worth sticking with a 17 or hoping for a four from the dealer? It’s nail-biting stuff, but well worth it if you can get a top prize! Blackjack Secrets offers players some top-class variations of the traditional blackjack formula, with a number of different bonuses including multipliers. If you think you’ve got what it takes to pick up a fantastic win with the hand you’re dealt, why not head to Blackjack Secrets today? Signing up is easy and the rewards to be gained are reaped quickly. As soon as you log in, there is a huge catalogue of games just waiting to be played. And not just blackjack-based titles either. There are slots, poker and roulette games in abundance, so the fun never stops with Blackjack Secrets! Play your cards right with online blackjack Blackjack Secrets players worried that a game of online blackjack will leave them dazed and confused should worry not – the rules of the game really are quite simple. Sometimes known only as ’21’, blackjack requires players to make 21 – or as close to the figure as they can – with as few cards as possible without going over. It sounds simple enough, but the real skill comes in knowing when to stick or twist. To ‘twist’ means to ask for another card, and is particularly risky once you hit numbers in the mid-to-high teens, as hitting more than 21 is very likely. Another aspect of blackjack that helps it stand out from the pack is that you can choose to play against the dealer. This means that players don’t need to worry about other members and can simply angle their playing style around the house. Blackjack is perhaps the most glamorous card game there is at Blackjack Secrets, and luckily we have plenty of brilliant ways in which it can be played. Fancy upping the stakes, or even playing more than one hand? Blackjack Secrets stocks titles in which this is very much a possibility. And with increased variables, comes increased fun and even bigger prizes! Playing with Blackjack Secrets is quick and easy thanks to a sign-up process that can be completed in minutes. In addition to card games, Blackjack Secrets also has a host of top online slots titles ready for you to spin. The sky’s the limit with Blackjack Secrets! AT YOUR CONVENIENCE The great thing about playing at Blackjack Secrets is that you can take part in games whenever and wherever you like. This means that the conditions in which you play are completely in your hands. For example, how would you like to play blackjack for big prizes from the comfort of your own living room? With Blackjack Secrets, you can do just that! What’s more, you can choose the right ambience for your session. Indeed, the music, temperature and even the dress code are completely up to you, rather than in the control of a bricks-and-mortar casino. And just because you’re playing online doesn’t limit the amount of games on offer to you. It’s not just blackjack you can check out online, there are also some online slots titles that have become popular offline. Rainbow Riches is one of these, and has been delighting audiences for years with its Irish theme and quirky charm. If you fancy trying your luck at Blackjack Secrets, the opportunities are endless. Simply register today and you will be presented with our superb selection of games. With so much on offer, you’d be mad to miss out on the brilliant prizes possible playing at Blackjack Secrets!


Online Casinos

Online Casino

What online casino games can I play at Blackjack Secrets?

Thousands of people log onto internet casinos to enjoy their favorite titles every day. Blackjack Secrets online casino offers a wide selection of games including blackjack, roulette and slots. In fact, it has been offering players an exciting range of casino games since way back in 2007. These titles include the popular Rainbow Riches slots title and casino classics such as blackjack and roulette. Blackjack Secrets Casino is passionate about online games. Its affiliation with Barcrest – creators of popular land-based casino games for over 40 years – allows Blackjack Secrets online casino to offer a collection of quality titles. A selection of these include:

  • Rainbow Riches mobile slots
  • Online blackjack with 20+ Bonus
  • Cleopatra online slots
  • The £1.5 million MegaJackpots slots series
  • Da Vinci Diamonds online slots


Blackjack Secrets Casino offers a range of quality slots. This portfolio includes fruit machines such as Elvis – A Little More Action and online slots like Cleopatra 2 and Da Vinci Diamonds. Blackjack Secrets Casino has a close relationship with game manufacturers WagerWorks and IGT. As a result, its online slots games are some of the most popular in the United Kingdom. IGT is one of the world’s most prestigious developers of land-based slot machines and its titles are featured in the most famous casinos around the world. Blackjack Secrets Casino can offer casino gamers a big selection of online slots because of its close connections to these companies.

The latest online slots

Casino gamers can play the latest online slots at Blackjack Secrets online casino. New online slots games are constantly being released. The latest online slots titles include Rainbow Riches, Transformers, Battleship – Search and Destroy and Dungeons and Dragons. Online casino players want to experience the latest casino games and Blackjack Secrets ensures its members have this opportunity.

Classic online slots

Blackjack Secrets Casino hosts a range of classic online slots titles and it has one of the most comprehensive collections of casino slot machines on the internet. Classic online slots available at Blackjack Secrets Casino include titles such as the Cleopatra 2 slots game and Monopoly Pass Go.


Blackjack Secrets has an impressive selection of online casino table games. There is a wide variety of blackjack titles available and players can enjoy games like the traditional Table Blackjack or the bonus-filled Power Blackjack. There is an online table casino game for every player. Blackjack Secrets online casino also offers a range of online roulette titles as well as a number of craps and baccarat games.

Classic online casino table games

Blackjack Secrets Casino has a selection of classic online casino table games. These titles are perfect for players who enjoy traditional varieties of blackjack and roulette. Online casino gamers who want to revisit old classics can play a variety of games. These titles are also ideal for new online casino gamers who wish to learn the basics of a table game before playing for money.

Casino table games with bonus features

Online casino players can find a selection of titles with extra bonus features. These games have unique and innovative bonuses which give online casino players further chances to increase their winnings. These titles include Three Wheel Roulette and Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus.


Online casino players can win a range of exciting prizes in the games at Blackjack Secrets. These payouts can vary from small amounts to massive casino cash awards.

Online slots payouts

There are a number of amazing cash prizes to be won in the online slots games at Blackjack Secrets. Indeed, there are two ways to win casino payouts in most of the slots titles: on the reels and in the bonus games. A number of online slots can give out huge cash prizes during reel play. The latest Rainbow Riches slots game, Rainbow Riches – Win Big Shindig, can award online casino members up to 25,000 credits. This thrilling cash payout is won if players obtain five Rainbow Riches logos on a winning payline. Elsewhere, Blackjack Secrets Casino players can win exciting prizes in the Transformers slots game. This title includes three amazing Wild symbols which can lead to massive casino payouts. Online slots bonus rounds also give casino members the chance to win huge prizes. The Dungeons and Dragons mini game sees players travel through a dark dungeon in a quest for multipliers and free spins. In the exciting Battleship – Search and Destroy bonus, online casino gamers can win up to 16,000 credits by sinking an enemy fleet. Many online slots titles feature free spins bonuses. These give online casino players the opportunity to win generous payouts for free. Online slots which have this type of bonus include:

  • Texas Tea
  • Cleopatra slots
  • Triple Fortune Dragon
  • Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Elvis – A Little More Action

Play for online casino cash in table games

Online blackjack and roulette players can win huge cash prizes at Blackjack Secrets and there are a number of generous table games on offer. What’s more, many of these online roulette and blackjack titles have exclusive bonuses.

The million pound online casino jackpot

Blackjack Secrets online casino is home to the MegaJackpots slots series. These online slots titles give players the chance to win over £1.5 million. The MegaJackpots prize can be won on the Monopoly, Cluedo, and Cleopatra online slots titles.

Play online casino games for free

Online casino fans can enjoy all Blackjack Secrets games for absolutely nothing. Every single title can be played without wagering money and free slots, blackjack and roulette matches are exceptionally popular with new casino inductees. Online slots lovers can experience the latest games before logging in to compete for cash payouts, while blackjack fans have the opportunity to play a number of thrilling table favourites before trying to win serious sums of money.


Blackjack Secrets Casino has a variety of exciting mobile casino games. These mobile slots are developed by Blackjack Secrets online casino and there are a number of popular titles available. These mobile fruit machine games give players the chance to enjoy casino slots on their phone, no matter where they are in the United Kingdom.

Blackjack Secrets online casino offers free downloads for each of their mobile slots games.

Mobile casino games

Mobile fruit machines are becoming one of the most popular ways to play casino games. Mobile slots are casino titles which can be enjoyed on a mobile handset. Blackjack Secrets Casino has a wide range of mobile fruit machines and there are a number of different games available. These mobile casino slots include the popular Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold game. The mobile slots titles available at Blackjack Secrets online casino include Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold mobile slots and Elvis Top 20. Blackjack Secrets online casino is one of the UK’s leading providers of mobile casino phone games. Mobile casino games are growing in popularity every year and Blackjack Secrets online casino is proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge mobile casino titles.

Mobile casino tournaments

Blackjack Secrets online casino offers mobile slots players an exciting range of mobile tournaments. These competitions take place over a limited period and allow mobile casino gamers the opportunity to win a variety of prizes. Mobile casino players pay a set fee – usually around £1.50 – to enter a mobile casino tournament. These mobile competitions can take place on a number of Blackjack Secrets mobile slots games and mobile casino gamers have a limited number of spins to obtain a high score; players obtain points, rather than cash prizes, when playing in these competitions.

The mobile casino competition leaderboard

The board shows the Blackjack Secrets online casino players with the highest scores during the competition. The mobile casino player with the highest score at the close of the competition wins the prize on offer. Mobile slots gamers can normally enter competitions multiple times in an attempt to win the prize on offer.

Blackjack Secrets mobile tournament prizes

There have been a number of great prizes on offer in Blackjack Secrets mobile casino tournaments. These awards have ranged from Sony plasma televisions to Xbox 360 consoles and Acer Aspire One laptops. Blackjack Secrets mobile players can also win online casino credit and cash prizes; Blackjack Secrets Casino recently announced the winner of a £1,000 mobile casino competition. There are a number of top prizes planned in the future and players can keep up to date with these tournaments by signing up for SMS text message updates to their mobile phone.


Online casino gaming should be an enjoyable experience. Blackjack Secrets online casino offers a dedicated and regulated online casino experience, whether you are a player looking for a relaxing game of online slots or a gamer chasing the high-stakes blackjack table. Blackjack Secrets Casino provides a safe and secure environment for every online casino player.

Superb online casino offers

Blackjack Secrets Casino is regarded as one of the best online casinos in the United Kingdom. It offers a 100 per cent sign-up bonus when you register and matches any deposit up to £100. Blackjack Secrets Casino also has a selection of generous deals for first-time members and a number of extra bonuses for regular casino gamers.

Register at Blackjack Secrets Casino now!

Online casino fans have the opportunity to win an exciting collection of cash prizes with Blackjack Secrets. Founded in 2007, this UK online casino strives to provide players with the latest games, the best promotions and the most incredible cash prizes. Indeed, this online casino is making unparalleled steps in the internet gaming world. It is one of the first websites to offer slots games on the Apple iPhone (Rainbow Riches was launched for the popular handset in April) and the casino continually pushes technology forward to offer an unprecedented entertainment experience.

Great games available all day every day at Blackjack Secrets

The great thing about Blackjack Secrets Casino is that not only are there so many games to play but there are also a number of different methods of trying them out. For example, those punters who have never before tried their luck at an online casino need not worry about losing lots of money without being sure of a game’s rules. That’s because Blackjack Secrets has set up a superb free slots system. Not only does this mean players risk nothing as they play, but it also means they can work out their own unique strategies for each game. When they do come to play for cash, they should have an advantage! Free slots are a great way to learn complicated games, but some games at Blackjack Secrets Casino are so iconic that it’s impossible not to take to them straight away. Our casino roulette range falls into this category, as everybody knows how to play roulette! Spinning the wheel and predicting where the ball will end up is so straightforward, and if you develop a knack for predictions you could end up winning a lot of money. Roulette at Blackjack Secrets is so exciting and realistic you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a land-based casino! If you’d like to try Blackjack Secrets’s amazing catalogue of games then sign up with us today.

A host of top casino games at Blackjack Secrets

Members at Blackjack Secrets Casino can rest assured that there are a variety of brilliant casino games just ready and waiting to be played. And right at the top of that list is our collection of online slots. Online slots are essentially fruit machines but played over the internet. Where they differ is that computer technology allows for these games to be more attractive, flashy and fun! For example, sample the delights of the superb Transformers – Ultimate Payback and you’ll be greeted with stunning sound effects and top-notch animations that simply couldn’t be done in a physical cabinet. Playing online is also more fun as you can play in the comfort of your own home. That means you are in charge – not the establishment where you’re playing. As a result, you can choose the atmosphere in which you play, from the music to the lighting and even the temperature! Playing at Blackjack Secrets Casino is quick and easy, and new members can sign up within minutes and be ready to pick up those amazing cash payouts our online casino is known for.


Blackjack Secrets Casino players are in for a luxurious experience the moment they sign up to play at our online hub. That’s because we’ve done our utmost to ensure that the Blackjack Secrets gaming experience is right up there among the very best in the world. It’s not just the games that we rate highly – even if we do say so ourselves – even the way in which you can play has been tailored to ensure the comfort of the player. It’s something we pride ourselves on here at Blackjack Secrets. For example, the games on offer at Blackjack Secrets Casino can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. Fancy a game of online blackjack in bed? How about a slots session in the comfort of your own living room? With Blackjack Secrets, you can play however you want to play. We really put you in the driver’s seat! So, if you fancy an online casino experience like no other then check out Blackjack Secrets Casino today. With a quick sign-up process and so many great games on offer, you could be winning big prizes within minutes of becoming a member. It pays to play with Blackjack Secrets, so we hope to see you at our online blackjack tables or slots machines soon.