Online Slot Machine Advantages and Tips to Play

The benefits of playing slot machines online:

  1. You can play at home. You don’t have to fly or drive to a crowded casino and put up with the noise and rush in a casino. You can also take a break when you feel like it and do whatever you want in your own home before resuming play and you can also dress in whatever and in as little clothing as you wish. Nothing beats online gambling for comfort and ease. 2. You can roam the internet and thereby, the world, for the absolute highest advertised payouts. According to renowned odds experts like the Wizard of Odds, payouts are usually better at online casinos for slot machines. 3. You can get bonuses on the amount of cash you deposit. This will give you more cash in your bankroll to wager on the slot machines. 4. Entertainment value. When you play online you have dozens of casinos to choose from without leaving home. There are always special events and tournaments being offered by online casinos to make your play online even more exciting.

Important Tip

We do suggest gambling devotees try to find a comfortable balance between live casinos and online casinos. Unless you live in a city like Las Vegas, live casinos are usually reserved for trips or vacations while online casinos are available easily and as often as you like. Have fun and stick to your limits.

Slot Machine Tips

Here are some tips regarding playing slot machines: 1. Set your limit before you start playing and stop playing before you lose your entire bankroll. If you plan to play over a few different play sessions if, for example, you are on vacation, pre-divide your bankroll by the number of planned play sessions. If you plan to play 500 dollars on slots and you plan to play once a day for a 5 day vacation, make your daily limit 100 dollars. Keep your winnings separate from your starting bankroll so you always walk away with some cash at the end of your play session. 2. Look over the payouts offered by the various machines in the casino and choose the one with the best payouts for the lowest winning combinations. 3. Look for a machine that offers the highest winning payout percentage. Look through the various casino advertisements in advance and speak to the slot manager in the casino where you decide to play. This will help you find the machine offering the best winning payout percentage. Casino floor managers are there to help the players. They want to see you win bets because they know winning players will to continue to gamble. They are usually more than willing to be helpful. 4. Be aware that playing a single machine over and over will not loosen it up. Individual payouts are totally random as are your chances of hitting a jackpot. Modern slot machine payouts are controlled by a random number generator and that means exactly what it says. They are RANDOM. There is no magic formula to win at slot machines. 5. Take advantage of any and all bonuses and reward cards offered when playing online or in a land based casino. Bonuses can extend your bankroll and playtime and reward cards can get you comps and gifts for the amount of money you wager. 6. When playing Progressive machines always bet the maximum coins and payline so you have a chance to win the biggest jackpot. If the machine you are on has a maximum that is too high for you then look for a progressive machine with a lower max. Don’t ever go in the hole or over your head playing slot machines. 7. If you find your self getting tired or angry , talk a break or walk away for the day. The slots are for enjoyment first and foremost. If you arent having fun, its time to stop. If the machine you are playing is becoming the enemy, find another machine or take a break. Win or lose, gambling should be entertaining and fun.


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