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When we consider which online casino games we would like to play, it helps divide them into two categories: skill games and fun games. When the desire strikes us to play a game strictly for fun and relaxation, there are several to chooses from in just about every online casino. We do not mean to give the impression that skill games are not also fun but skill games are meant to be played when your concentration and mental facilities are sharp and you are in the mood for a challenge. If the mood strikes you to play a game purely for fun game, then go with the mood and gamble without expectations and for simple enjoyment. One of the best examples of a fun game is, to our way of thinking, Slot Machines. Slots are totally random games of chance. As we have said many times here, there is no system or method to beat the slots. They are governed by modern electronics and the Random Number Generator that is inside every slot machine, randomly selects the winning reels from billions of possible online casino sites. Ignore all the cant miss systems you see advertised and when you play the slots, do it for the right reasons. Those reasons are simply to have fun and relax. Any winnings you may end up with when you play the slots should be considered an unexpected perk. The real payoff from the slots is the pleasure you have in playing them.

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One can spend many relaxing hours with a small starting bankroll at the slot machines. It isnt necessary to spend thousands of dollars at the slot machines to have fun. As a matter of fact, as always, we strongly advise online gamblers to set limits in advance and stick to them. This should not just include the starting bankroll. Limits should also be set on losses, winnings and the amount of time you spend gambling. Gambling until you are exhausted is not gambling for fun and online slot machine. Nor is gambling away vast sums of money, in excess of your original limit, to try and Get Even. Desperation gambling rarely, if ever, results in winning and the consequences can be financially devastating. So gamble responsibly by setting limits and sticking to them. One of the major draws of online slots is the incredible sophistication of modern computer based gambling games. Games like HellBoy and Thunderstruck 2 have amazing sounds and astonishing graphics with a depth of game play that is limited only by the players imagination. Todays online slot machine is not just a device to drop a coin in and then pull a handle and wait for the reels to spin out apples and oranges. Todays online slots are visual and audio symphonies of mind boggling complexity that will delight the senses. For those online gamblers who are looking for that one in a million chance of winning the ultimate jackpot there are progressive online slots like Mega Millions that have potential payouts in the millions of dollars. The amount of choices and variety of online slots is practically endless. There are hundreds of amazing, fun to play slot online slot machines just waiting for you to play them.

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One of the other major appeals of online slots are the numerous slots tournaments that can found at most online casinos. There are many online casinos that offer a regular schedule of slots tournaments. There are all sorts of prizes to be won, from  casino tokens and cash all the way up to ocean cruises and a years free gambling. The variety is endless and part of the fun of online slots is doing your research and finding the online casinos with the most exciting games and packed calenders of regular tournaments. Here are some links to our favorite Online Slots Casinos: 1. Manhattan Slots 2. All Slots Casino 3. Spin Palace Casino 4. All Jackpots Casino 5. Rushmore Casino Another game that is based on luck is Keno. The keno game card is a electronic ticket with the numbers 1 to 80 marked on it. Each individual keno game is called a Race. The player will choose which wagers they wish to select from the keno pay table and then select their numbers accordingly. When the race starts, virtual balls are pulled one at a time from an electronic hopper using 80 balls marked 1 to 80 until 20 numbers have been selected. As each number is selected, it is posted on the Keno Game Board. These numbers are generated by a Random Number Generator just like with the slot machines. As with slots, the number of possible combinations is in the billions. Players have a wide variety of wagers to select from the keno payout table. Players have the option of selecting from 1 to 10 numbers, selecting the four outside corners or making Way bets by circling groups or combinations of numbers. The player may also play a Split Ticket in which a line is drawn through the ticket dividing the ticket into 2 tickets of 40 numbers. There is such a large variety of wagers on keno payout tables that the player must consult payout table at the online casino where they are playing. Some online casinos may offer as many as 25 or more different pay tables to choose from and the odds favor the house from 4% to 66% unlike the typical house edge in non-slot games of 0% to 5%. With a strong house edge keno is a game to be played for passing the time and enjoyment and not for profit. Here a a few links for online Keno: 1. Cherry Red Casino 2. Millionaire Casino 3. Rushmore Casino 4.  888 Casino 5. All Jackpots Casino Finally we come to one of the worlds most popular and social games; Bingo. This well known game is becoming quite popular on the internet with estimated growth to over a $1.0 Billion by 2010. Online Bingo is often played by downloading software. It can also be played with a java or flash application that allows one to play immediately after opening an account. Numbers are generated by a random number generator in online Bingo. Online bingo offers players many features which make game play easier, such as auto-daub. Auto-daub automatically marks off the numbers on cards as they are called. Other features include Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting where players cards are sorted and highlighted by those closest to Bingo. This can be very helpful when playing multiple cards. Most online sites offer a great variety of versions of Bingo to keep players interested and coming back for more. Some sites feature inexpensive 10 cent a card games and other may limit the amount of cards you can play per game to help make it easier to play against bingo high rollers who play dozens of cards at the same time. To help with the social aspect of bingo online, sites often offer chat features during the games which allow you to chat with other players as you play. This adds a new dimension to Bingo, as talking to other players during land based games is usually forbidden. There are also many bingo tournaments offered by online casinos and online bingo rooms. The variety goes from cash prizes and casino tokens all the way up to the World Championships of Online Bingo with over $250,000 in cash prizes. Online gamblers will find an exciting array of bingo games and events waiting for them and we strongly suggest that online gamblers give Bingo a try for themselves. Here are links to our favorite online Bingo rooms: 1. Bingo Hall 2. Bingo Palace 3. Saturn Bingo 4. 123Bingo Online 5. Big Time Bingo These are the online casino games that we play for fun and relaxation. While your idea of what is entertaining and relaxing may differ from ours, we would suggest that the next time you feel like some online gambling but dont want to play a skill game like poker or blackjack, that you give one of these three exciting games a try. You just might be surprised by the great time you may have while enjoying any evening of Online Slots, Online Keno or Online Bingo. And if you already know the pleasures of these great games (or even if you are brand new to online casino games), try some of  our favorite online casinos and online Bingo rooms that we have linked in this article. You may find a new place to add to your list of favorites.


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