Huge Payouts in Progressive Slot Jackpots

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

Every gambler dreams of making that one big win and when it comes to winning big for a small investment in time and money, nothing has more potential to give you that life changing Jackpot than Progressive Slots. No longer are gamblers limited to winning a few hundred coins that come out of the hopper but there is a potential to win millions of dollars with Progressive Slots. As a matter of fact, the largest all time Progressive Slot win was over 39 million dollars in Las Vegas in 2003 and your author was standing 5 feet away when the machine lit up to announce the winner. (One can only dream that it may happen to them someday!) This was truly a life changing win for a guy who was in Vegas to bet on the NCAA Basketball Finals. To make things even better, with the amazing growth of online gambling, we now are seeing Progressive Slot Jackpots won for over a million dollars in online casinos. There a literally dozens of online Progressive Slot Jackpots with 6 figure amounts being won every year. So what exactly are Progressive Slots? The answer is pretty straight forward. Progressive Slots are a series of machines linked together to create a large pooled beat the slots. Progressive Slot Machines have a starting Jackpot which gets larger with each coin played. Every time a gambler puts money into a Progressive Machine, a portion of that money goes into the Jackpot. Each Jackpot has a base amount and after a Jackpot is won, the machine is reset to the base Jackpot. It is safe to say the odds of actually winning a million dollar online Progressive Slot Jackpot or winning a 39 million Jackpot in Vegas are about the same as winning the Lottery but millions of gamblers still love to play the Progressive Slot Machines. When a gambler plays the Progressives with a reasonable pre-determined limit of cash, he or she can have a great deal of enjoyment in pursuit of that dream jackpot. There are few differences between online Progressive Slots and land-based Progressive Slots other than the fact that the land based casinos offer much larger Progressive Slots Jackpots. We are talking about the difference between million dollar jackpots online and jackpots of 10 million or more found in land based Progressive Slot Jackpots. Of course, to play online, one does not have to pay plane fare or hotel bills so there it is a much smaller initial investment to play online. Many gamblers who like to play Progressive Slots, play online most of the time and save the Progressives at land based casinos for vacations. After all, there is nothing wrong with winning a six figure Jackpot online from the comfort of ones own online casino bonuses. Some of the Online Casinos link all of the Slots in their casino to one big Progressive Jackpot while some offer several different Progressive Games. Some online casino groups even have Progressive Slots that are linked between dozens of Slot Machines in several of the online casinos in their group. Playing the Progressive Slots requires ones full attention and an awareness of the rules of the Progressive Game in question. Gamblers should always make it a point to read the rules of the Progressive Slots they are planning to play. Every Progressive Slot Game has certain restrictions when it comes to winning the maximum Jackpot. Generally speaking, the gambler has to play the maximum amount of coins on each spin in order to win the top Jackpot. However any gambler can win a part of the Jackpot, no matter how much they bet. But if you are hoping for that life changing 7 figure jackpot, be prepared to wager the maximum amount of coins for each and every spin.


Individual Progressives An individual Progressive Slot Machine is totally self contained. The entire Jackpot comes from that one machine. Usually, the Jackpots on these Slot Machines are far lower than the other types of Progressive Slots. Linked Progressives Linked progressives are groups of machines that are networked together to create one common Jackpot within one casino. These Jackpots have the potential to grow to large amounts. Multi-Location Progressives These are the machines from which a gambler can win a life changing jackpot. They can be linked between hundreds of machines in many different casinos owned by one gaming group. Both land based casinos and online casino offer Multi-Location Progressives. The chance of winning one of these huge jackpots is like winning the lottery but we still keep dreaming and trying to win. You have probably heard all kinds of stories about the best way to win at Progressive Slots. Well, there are no hard and fast rules for winning at Progressive Slots other than that you have to always bet the maximum amount of coins on each spin to win the maximum Jackpot. The other thing a gambler always wants to do when playing Progressives is to check the Jackpot before starting. One wants to play the Progressive offering the largest Jackpot, not the one that paid off recently. There are no other real strategies for Progressive Slots. The game is all about luck and that all powerful RNG (Random Number Generator) that controls the game. Just like regular single spin Slots, Progressive Slots are run by a RNG that RANDOMLY selects what will appear when the spin stops. The payout percentages are also governed by pre-set minimums that are determined by the licensing jurisdiction. If you play Progressive Slots online and the casino is approved by an organization like eCorga, you will be able to access monthly payout percentages for the slots and all the different games the casino offers. We suggest playing at casinos that make their payout percentages available to gamblers.

Progressive Jackpot Winners

Some gamblers will tell you that there are certain amounts of time one has to play in order to have a chance to win at Progressive Slots. A particular rumor is that many Progressive Slot Jackpots are won in the first few minutes of playing. This is actually a mis-understanding of what may actually be happening. Often someone will win after just a few minutes at a Progressive Slot Machine because they happened to walk up to a machine that was just vacated by another gambler. Many gamblers give up on a machine if they don’t win quickly and then another player comes along and wins on that machine after just a few minutes, thus creating the false impression of a quick win. The only real strategy or rule for playing Progressive Slots other then to bet the maximum to win the maximum, is to play with a sane pre-determined limit and to know when to stop. One should not be willing to risk the rent money to try to win that mega million dollar Jackpot. Just like any other gambling game, one must play with limits and self control. Progressive Slots should be a relaxing time for gamblers where you risk no more than 15% of your total gambling budget. Play for fun and enjoyment first and if the luck genie is smiling, maybe you will win a dream jackpot too.


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