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Let’s say you’re a fan of casino games and want to start playing online, but don’t know how to get started. It’s a common problem. Finding the best online casinos isn’t as easy as finding good land-based casinos. The best brick and mortar casinos have famous names like the Bellagio and the Las Vegas Sands. They have impressive amenities and a solid reputation from travelers, high rollers and casual gamblers. What about online, though? Few people new to online gambling will recognize the name of an online casino. How do you know which casinos are the best and which to avoid? The first thing you need to do is conduct some research. The fact that you’re here is a good start. Casino review websites such as this one and Online Casino Suite provide invaluable information for finding the best casinos. The easiest information to find is who to avoid, because people are very eager to complain when they are wronged by a company. We have an extensive blacklist of casinos that you should never trust with your money. Before visiting any online casino, read up on them at websites like Suite and our website. Industry feedback and customer feedback are very important.

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Most online casinos offer free casino games that you can play with no risk. That is a good way to get acquainted with the casino, its software and its games. When you are ready to play for real money, though, be sure that the online casino has software that is deemed safe and fair by a respected regulatory authority. That can be a government agency, but doesn’t have to be. Independent regulators like eCOGRA routinely test casino software and only give the best and safest their seal of approval. If you can’t find proof that the casino is approved by a trusted regulatory group, don’t play there. It’s not worth the risk. We have a good selection of reviews to help you find the best casinos on the Web. Once you have found casinos that have good reputations and are deemed safe and fair by regulators, you still have to narrow your choices down from a large field. That’s when you should look at what each casino has to offer. Start with the game selection. Some online casinos are geared mostly toward online slots. If that’s all you want to play, finding a casino with a slots focus should give you a better selection. Other casinos focus on table games. Most online casinos, though, have a broad range of games so no matter what you want to play, you can always find something. Peruse the game selections of the online casinos and decide who offers the most games that you want to play. The best online casinos also offer lots of tournaments. Not everyone likes tournament action, but for many players, it is a great way to experience their favorite games with little to no risk. Instead of paying individual wagers, you simply pay an entry fee and compete for a prize. Sometimes, like in freeroll tournaments, there is no entry fee at all. Some online casinos don’t have any tournaments, while others have a few, but only for online slots. The best online casinos have a good selection of tournaments for a variety of games.

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Promotions are another thing that sets online casinos apart. Virtually all casinos offer some type of welcome bonus to reward you for signing up, but they wildly vary in generosity. Some offer a percentage match on the first bonus, while others spread the bonus out over multiple bonuses. Casinos also offer different wagering requirements for your bonus money. Don’t just focus on the welcome bonus, though, because once you’ve been a member for a while, those do you no good. Look for an online casino that has good promotions to reward frequent and loyal customers. Once you have found an online casino that is safe, offers games that you like, tournaments that you want to play and generous promotions, it just comes down to enjoyment. Try a few casinos. Which casinos do you have the most fun frequenting? If you can come up with an answer for that, I think you’ve found the best casino (or casinos) for you.


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