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Golden Rules for Choosing an Online Casino

The Golden Rule In Finding The Perfect Casino Deposit Method

What a casino must offer a new player / Accept nothing less. Online gambling are now a multi-billion dollar industry and with this great success, comes responsibilities. Online casinos must provide the players with certain, minimal standards in order to gain the trust and confidence of their players. When trying to decide if you can safely deposit your money and gamble with an online casino, these standards must be met. To put it simply, if these standards are not met, go elsewhere!

1. Certified by a gaming jurisdiction and / or government

All reputable online casinos are licensed by a gaming jurisdiction and /or by a national government. The casino should list this certification clearly on their website. Certification means that the legal and financial requirements of the agency in question have been met. This is an essential requirement for any legitimate online casino and without it, one should never consider playing at an online casino. The various regulators such as uk live casino regulators will also have websites and you should go to their websites and check what their standards are and decide if they are acceptable before you deposit your money. Never play at any online casino that is not certified by a gaming jurisdiction and / or a government agency. All the sportsbooks jurisdictions are listed here.

2. 24 hour, 7 days a week, live customer support that is easily accessible

The online casino you are considering must provide easily accessible, 24 / 7, live customer support to answer any questions you have and to resolve any issues that may arise. Customer support should be available by toll free phone call and /or live, online chat. Fees for customer support, return calls, return emails and any other delayed response customer support is unacceptable. Check the individual casinos website to see what customer support they offer and also check user comments.

3. Are they responsive and polite when you contact customer support

Not only must the online casino provide 24 / 7, live customer support but they must do so in a positive and friendly manner. Any casino that trys to intimidate the player or threatens to close your account due to a support issue is not behaving in an acceptable fashion. Polite and helpful is the name of the game. When considering a new online casino, i always call their customer support online casinos and ask them a question or two about my account to see how they respond before i deposit my money.

4. A solid reputation on casino websites; Not on any blacklists

Another way to check the reputation of an online casino is to check the posts of other users. Other users will share their experiences with you and their results will help provide useful information about online casinos. It is also wise to do a search online for blacklisted casinos, blacklisted online casinos and other similar terms for more information on online casinos. If a casino is on a blacklist, avoid it until all issues are cleared up and you start to see positive comments on the casino. Regaining the trust of online gamblers is a difficult job and if a casino is on a blacklist, one must take great care before playing at that casino even if they resolve their issues.

5. Easy and secure means of deposit / HTTPS for all transactions

When considering a particular online casino, another important factor is the deposit process itself. Is your money deposited over a secure, https connection using solid encryption. It is important that users of online casinos have an understanding of this process and basic computer security before using credit cards or banking online. The various search engines will provide you with good information on this as well as user comments. In addition to your transactions being secure, they should also be done in a simple, easy and clear way. The player should not have to jump through hoops to deposit their money in the computer age. Deposits should be a secure, one-step process done through reputable banking or credit systems.

6. Prompt and easy payment on your winnings and your account balance

How an online casino pays the players winnings and returns money on deposit in your account is also a very important factor. Once again, the player should not have to jump through hoops to get their own money. An online casino should have clearly stated and reasonable payment terms and methods. How the online casino pays you is also an important consideration. Will your money be credited back to your credit card, sent to you as a check or wired to your bank account and will this be done in a timely manner? It is up to the player to compare what the different online casinos are offering and make an informed decision on what they find acceptable. Waiting weeks for your money or paying service charges for your money is not good business and should disqualify the casino in question.

7. Do they offer tracking for your deposits, play and winnings

Another useful feature that many online casinos offer is account tracking. The ability to track ones play, deposits and winnings as well as all financial transactions is an essential tool to make informed decisions regarding your online gambling. This should be available for free and in an easy to read, downloadable format. The player needs to be able to see what is going on with their account, especially if they are playing at multiple online casinos. Many online casinos also will offer round by round and / or hand by hand game play results in a downloadable format and this information is very helpful to improve your play. For example, when playing online poker, the ability to see the play in a round by round format makes it easier to learn about your opponents play style and helps to improve your play.

8. A full variety of betting options and denominations with clearly stated odds and no hidden fees

Does the online casino your are considering offer a full range of betting options and a wide variety of bet denominations to make your play fun and exciting? This is also a deciding factor in choosing an online casino. You should be able to make a full range of choices for the various games you play when it comes to betting and be able to make a wide variety of bet amounts. (Many casinos also offer high roller options for those who can afford it.) The odds should be posted and clearly stated and there should be no hidden fees for payouts on winning bets. Find casinos that offer these features by reading the user comments and by doing your research.

9. Exciting bonus programs and other incentives

Just like land-based casinos, most online casinos also offer bonuses and incentives to attract gamblers. We list the various online casino bonuses for you to easily research this subject. The player should be looking for casinos that offer the highest cash for play bonuses for their deposits. It is important to know that every online casino has certain restrictions when it comes to collecting winnings from the bonus money. Again use our site to find out what these restrictions are and make sure you find casinos whos rules are reasonable and acceptable to you. Many online casinos offer other incentives to players such as tournaments and other special events. If you are interested in these features, our listings will help you find them. Do not gamble at casinos that have no bonus programs.

10. Clearly written rules easily found on the casinos website

Every online gambler must know what the rules of play are for each and every online casino. These rules must be clearly stated in easily readable language and posted in an obvious and prominent spot on the casinos website. To put it simply, if the rules aren’t straight-forward and not easy to find, go elsewhere. No one like surprises, hidden fees and tricky rules and casinos that use these traps should be avoided like the plague. Compare the rules of the different casinos and use user comments on our site to help you make an informed decision. If you have any question about a rule at an online casino and you can not get an answer from the casino, contact the gaming jurisdiction of that casino. Never play at a casino if you do not feel you are being treated fairly.

11. Exciting and reputable software makers with flash games or java games if you dont want to install software / Do they have a full selection of games, including video poker and slots

The software the online casinos uses for their games and interface is also a very important factor in choosing the online casino. We have a listing of all the software makers by various rankings and with user comments. The player should be looking for a software maker who makes software for several reputable casinos and is well rated by the users. It also advisable to preview the various games to make sure the software functions properly and offers exciting interfaces and game play. You also want to look for an online casino that offers a wide selection of gaming software, including table games, a wide selection of poker games and slots and several different versions of video poker. Of course, it also depends on which games you prefer to play. If you just play online poker, for example, you may want to choose a poker site instead of a general online casino. It is also advisable to decide in advance if you want to install software or or find a casino which offers flash or java games that require no installation to play. The installable games do offer a wider variety of graphics and sometimes better playability. It is up to the individual to decide whether they wish to install software or use flash or java games. If you do use installable software, be sure to check the computer requirements of the software in advance of installation.

12. Do they offer free to play games with play money

One of the big advantages of online casinos is the ability to play with play money before you deposit real cash to your account. Playing with play money first allows you to try the games and make sure they are fair and enjoyable. It also allows the player to get used to the differences between live gambling and online gambling and this is an important factor. The pace and feel of online gambling is different than land-based casinos and playing with play money first will allow the player to get used to this before risking their cash. Never choose a casino that does not offer this option. Now you have a good list of important factors to help you decide at which online casinos you will play. Now take a deep breath. Do not be impatient. We all love the excitement and action of gambling but please use the list and do your research first. Do not rush in and risk your money at any casino without research and recommendations first. We have all the tools you need to make an informed decision on which casinos you will select. And please, remember to share that information with your fellow gamblers by posting your comments. Now do your homework and get out there and have some fun in the world of online casinos.


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