Can You Beat The Slots at An Online Casino?

How To Win At Online Casinos Every Time

Every online gambler wants to be a winner and that leads us to ask this simple question. Can you beat the slots at an online casino? For that matter, can you really beat any game at an online casino? Lets look at the games offered by most online casino and see what the answers are. When it comes to slots, there are dozens of videos and books available that claim to have sure fire systems to beat the Machines. The truth is there is no way to beat the machines. There are several reasons why you should save your money and not buy any of these systems. Slots should be played for fun and relaxation. Any time you win playing slots, consider it a gift from the casino and don’t expect it to be a regular occurrence. First and foremost, slot machines are no longer made up of mechanical reels that people would try to time. The fact is that timing reels on old fashioned slot machines was also dubious at best. Todays modern slot machine whether online or land based is run buy a random number generator that selects the symbols that will turn up when the spin ends totally at RANDOM. There is no way to calculate or time what will turn up on future spins because the RNG is always doing what is online casino bonuses to do and that is to use a complicated mathematical algorithm to calculate the symbols for every spin. There are millions of possible combinations and the RNG can select any one of them at any time. So forget about beating the RNG.

How To Win On Penny Slot Machines

So how do slot machines really payout? The truth is that the machine is preset by the online casino to pay out at a fixed percentage and that is usually about 95% to 96% at reputable online casinos. As an example, All Slots Casinos machines payed out at a rate of 95.78% in November, 2009 according to eCorgas statistics. (Ecorga is an independent organization that monitors the payout percentages of the games at many top online casinos and rates the RNG as fair and random.) Simply put this means that if you wager $1000, $957.80 will be paid out to you and $42.20 of your original $1000 will go to the online casino. The exception to this rule occurs when a player hits a big jackpot and then simply quits while they are ahead. But not many slots players go home winners since the fun is really in the action of the game. The other great myth about slot machines is that some people believe you have to play the machine for a certain length of time to get it to pay out. This is because they see someone play for a long time and then walk away without hitting the jackpot. Then the next person hits a big jackpot on their first play. This causes people to think that the longer you play, the more likely the play poker online is to payout. Again, this is a myth. Payouts, as we have said, are regulated by a preset percentage and the RNG causes the payouts to occur at totally random times. There is simply no truth to any system that involves timing how long you play a machine. The bottom line is simple. Play slots for fun and to relax. Many of the slot games in online casinos are quite spectacular with amazing sound, graphics and game play. Slots are a great way to unwind after a long, stressful day if you approach the game with the idea of having fun and you dont worry about hitting it big. Just settle down to your favorite online slot game, have a cool drink and set your limit in advance. Play at your own pace and you just might find you can make your original $50 on the 25 cent slot game last for hours and hours of entertaining play. There are some games in which a talented player can increase the odds in their favor. One of the most popular of these games is blackjack. In land based casinos, there are many successful systems of card counting that greatly increase the odds in the players favor. Card counting require skill and training but with dedication and patience, it can be learned. Although it has been ruled by the courts that an individual can legally card count in most major casino towns, many casinos still ban card counters as soon as they are spotted. However in online casinos, the situation is radically different because there is no shoe with a fixed number of decks to count. Each card is randomly created at the beginning of each hand and then destroyed at the end of the hand. This happens over and over for every single hand of online blackjack. The best way to increase the odds in your favor at online blackjack is to become a student of the game. There are basic rules for every situation in blackjack and there are many good books and videos that teach basic blackjack. Learn how to play the game well instead of trying to beat the game. Then pick an online casino that has a high payout percentage for blackjack and use your skill to play at your highest level. Try learning more on mustang money slot machine.

How To Tell If A Slot Machine Is Hot

Craps is a very exciting, action filled game that can be quite confusing to  new players. While there is no surefire method to beat the house at craps, it is essential that a player have a complete understanding of the basics of online craps play. One must become familiar with all the rules of craps and the terminology used in the game. A new player must also understand all the different bets, what they mean and how to place them properly. A player should also have a solid background in the good bets and the bad bets that can be made on the craps table. There are several bets available in craps that every craps teacher will tell you not to place. Like Blackjack, the key to doing well at Craps is learning how to play the game and having a solid understanding of all the dynamics of the game. Roulette is another game that has led to many hundreds of cant miss systems of play. The problem is that these systems just do not work. Roulette is based on luck. There is no way to time the wheel or the ball to figure out where it will end up. Like many other online casino games, the RNG is king in roulette. It decides which number will come up and then displays the results. Although there is no sure fire roulette system, some of the real experts in roulette have written many useful articles and books on how to bet in roulette. Learning what the smart bets are in roulette is the key to enhancing your chances to win. The one game in online casinos that is not based on luck alone is Poker. Poker is a skill game and can improved with study and practice. There are many successful online poker rooms that have hundreds of skilled players going head to head in games like Texas Holdem and 7 Card Stud. Texas Holdem is the most popular of the online poker games and attracts millions of players around the world. Mastering the game of poker takes a quick mind, common sense, self control and the ability to read or anticipate other players moves. There are many  good books and videos on how to play poker. Quite a few of these are written by highly successful professional poker players. They can teach you all the basics of poker but you will still need to practice, practice and practice some more. The great thing about online poker is that you can gain experience at actual live poker while playing with play money. This allows new players to learn, gain experience and evaluate when they are ready to start playing for real cash. What have we discovered about beating the house in online gambling? Well, first we have learned that the odds are in the houses favor. The outcome of the games (except online poker) are decided by a random number generator and you cant figure out what the RNG will do next. We also learned that there are no sure fire systems to beat the house in online casinos. The online gambler can enhance their chances to win by studying the games and learning how to play them with the confidence that comes with experience and practice. They can increase their knowledge of the mechanics of the game play and learn how to place smart bets. This allows an online gambler to improve their chances to win but it is not a guarantee. The biggest advantage in the online gamblers arsenal is to play the games they enjoy with play money until they feel totally comfortable. Even players who are experienced at playing in land based casinos should play with play money first if they are new to online casinos. The game play and timing has a different flow to it online and it takes a bit of practice to get it right. Playing for play money is without a doubt an online gamblers best tool when they are trying to learn how to play any online gambling game.



Slot Machine Odds and Payouts

Slot Machines With The Best Odds Of Winning

Most people believe the odds on a slot machine have something to do with the number of each kind of symbol on each reel, but in modern slot machines this is not the case. Modern slot machines are computerized, so that the odds are whatever the casino programs them to be within the guidelines of the regulatory agency. Modern slot machines use a Random Number Generator to determine the positions the reels will stop on and payouts are also pre-determined. The payout percentages in slot machines in casinos are regulated by law in the casinos gaming jurisdiction and closely monitored. Slot machines are usually programmed to pay out as winnings 82?€“98% of the money that is wagered by players and each jurisdiction sets a minimum payout. For example, the minimum payout in Nevada is 75%, and in New Jersey, 83%. If a slot machine is set at 95% payout, this means that over the course of players putting 1 million dollars into the machine, 950,000 dollars will go back to the players as winnings and 50,000 dollars will go to the house. Typically casinos will advertise something like “95% PAYOUT FROM OUR HIGH PAYING SLOTS.” However, there may be only a few of these 95% payout machines in a bank of 100’s of machines and it is up to the player to find them.

Tricks To Winning On Slot Machines

A major factor in making slot machines so profitable for the house is that the player has no control over what kind of payout they will be playing for after they pull the lever or press the button. In other Casino games like Craps the player knows what a wager will offer and what that wager will pay in advance and may pick and choose which wagers to make. As of the current time, slot machines do not offer the player the same betting options as other casino games and this puts the odds strongly in the houses’ favor. Typical slot machine payouts are preset and depend on the number of coins bet. On a regular slot machine, one coin bet may payout 30 coins, two coins bet may payout 60 coins and 3 coins bet may payout 90 coins. The variety of payouts is so great that it is advised the player look over the machines in a casino and pick one that offers the game play and payout they find most appealing. Another popular type of slot machine that offers the chance for huge payouts is Progressive Slot Machine. Progressive slot machine are a group of slot machines, sometimes even in different casinos, that have been networked or linked together. The Jackpot is pooled between all the machines until the winning combination is played and some progressive jackpots have been as high as 35 million dollars or more. One can win the jackpot on any of the machines in the network of machines. Imagine being able to win a million dollars for a 25 cent bet and you will begin to understand the amazing popularity of progressive slots.

Video Slot Machines

Video Poker is a variation of the Reel based Slot Machine usually based on 5-card draw poker. Video Poker is played at a machine with an electronic display. Video Poker is a single player form of poker and is found by many to be more fun and less intimidating than playing poker at a table with a group of other players. As in regular poker, in video poker, the machine deals the player a five card hand. The player then may keep or discard and replace his cards. After the draw, winning hands are payed out on a pre-determined schedule. On some machines a special hand, like a royal flush will offer a very high payout or may offer a progressive jackpot until that hand is hit. Video Poker has become very popular in Online Casinos and among Classic slot machine players in live casinos. It should be noted that as with Classic Slot machines, in video poker, betting the maximum credits will give the maximum payout.



Slots Strategy, Odds and Tips

Here’s some Slots Strategy, Odds and Tips

A typical Slot machines strategy can be learned upon practical experience and careful analysis and recording facts and stats gained from last wins and losses. To prepare a guaranteed winning plan, it is important to first make yourself competent with the ongoing changes in the slots machines and keep an online guide to master the basics and jargon involved. This will help in big time to prepare and adopt a nice and long lasting slot machines strategy. It is also important to be flexible as each machine approaches in a different way however the basics remain the same. The machines can only be mastered by practice and understanding the Random Number Generator algorithm as closely as possible. A good slot machines strategy will feature the possibilities and odds in favor of each machine with complete data recorded and kept as a reference for future uses. It is important to set a losing limit as well as multi line slots limit initially be self organized and pay more attention to understand the pros, cons and nuances of the machine. It is a good practice that as per the plan, people should not consider that betting more credits can allow them to win big time. However, it is important to cash out when the lady luck is smiling and a calm head should be maintained to improvise and adopt a winning Slot machines strategy. It is important to maintain the spirit of the game and they should be played for fun and relaxation to think positively and increase the chances of winning big time on slots.

Slots odds

People usually say that the online slot games have the more slot odds than the normal virtual reel machines. But it is only a fact as it has not come up with any valid proof. It is said that the slot machines have the higher percentage of odds when the virtual stop is for more number of times. Many players believe that the virtual stops can cause a decrease in the winning percentage. Some casino online blackjack areas such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City the pay percentage can range from 91-96%. The jurisdiction laws are strict in those areas due to the huge competition. And hence conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the payback percentage is less on those machines. The slot odds can be changed by just changing the computer chip which has the programmed inputs of the games. The most of the slot machines are regulated by computer programs so it is not easy to change the slot odds. Many of the casino machines state the payback percentage in their promotional advertisements but they do not reveal the real slot odds. It is sometimes possible that a prime person of the casino regulatory authority might know the slot odds but the chances are very low. Primarily there are no shortcut methods of finding the slots odds. If a person is biased with the cheating that prevails in the casinos he might be wrong. Because the computer chips are manufactured in the factory and only replacement can change the slot odds.

Slots Tips

Casino slots can provide a person with the winning streak. But before jumping into any conclusion he needs to go through the tips very well. The pay table must be observed, the winning combination can play a vital role in these games. A player needs to chalk out the strategy very well. A player must not judge his game based on a single game. Slot games can be highly profitable at times and can be prone to some heart breaks. One must not worry about it because the beauty of the game lies in the flexibility. Adjustments are required according to any situation and these needs to be learned in the slots tips. Before starting a session a player needs to study his financial comfort zone. Taking risk beyond the comfort zone can be dangerous. It is always good to play with the maximum range of coins available. Presuming a slot game without knowing the techniques can be risky. Before playing a game the rules and regulation must be thoroughly studied. Any experimentation due to temptation can be harmful. When a player is on the winning term he must increase his inputs and maximize the winning combination. When losing its better to take calculative chances. At a live casino it’s always better to avoid playing in two different slotting machines. Residing by a person who is winning in the casino can be problematic. But it is better to play the game at a restricted level. Since it is not advisable to be bankrupt in any situation.



Huge Payouts in Progressive Slot Jackpots

How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Hit?

Every gambler dreams of making that one big win and when it comes to winning big for a small investment in time and money, nothing has more potential to give you that life changing Jackpot than Progressive Slots. No longer are gamblers limited to winning a few hundred coins that come out of the hopper but there is a potential to win millions of dollars with Progressive Slots. As a matter of fact, the largest all time Progressive Slot win was over 39 million dollars in Las Vegas in 2003 and your author was standing 5 feet away when the machine lit up to announce the winner. (One can only dream that it may happen to them someday!) This was truly a life changing win for a guy who was in Vegas to bet on the NCAA Basketball Finals. To make things even better, with the amazing growth of online gambling, we now are seeing Progressive Slot Jackpots won for over a million dollars in online casinos. There a literally dozens of online Progressive Slot Jackpots with 6 figure amounts being won every year. So what exactly are Progressive Slots? The answer is pretty straight forward. Progressive Slots are a series of machines linked together to create a large pooled beat the slots. Progressive Slot Machines have a starting Jackpot which gets larger with each coin played. Every time a gambler puts money into a Progressive Machine, a portion of that money goes into the Jackpot. Each Jackpot has a base amount and after a Jackpot is won, the machine is reset to the base Jackpot. It is safe to say the odds of actually winning a million dollar online Progressive Slot Jackpot or winning a 39 million Jackpot in Vegas are about the same as winning the Lottery but millions of gamblers still love to play the Progressive Slot Machines. When a gambler plays the Progressives with a reasonable pre-determined limit of cash, he or she can have a great deal of enjoyment in pursuit of that dream jackpot. There are few differences between online Progressive Slots and land-based Progressive Slots other than the fact that the land based casinos offer much larger Progressive Slots Jackpots. We are talking about the difference between million dollar jackpots online and jackpots of 10 million or more found in land based Progressive Slot Jackpots. Of course, to play online, one does not have to pay plane fare or hotel bills so there it is a much smaller initial investment to play online. Many gamblers who like to play Progressive Slots, play online most of the time and save the Progressives at land based casinos for vacations. After all, there is nothing wrong with winning a six figure Jackpot online from the comfort of ones own online casino bonuses. Some of the Online Casinos link all of the Slots in their casino to one big Progressive Jackpot while some offer several different Progressive Games. Some online casino groups even have Progressive Slots that are linked between dozens of Slot Machines in several of the online casinos in their group. Playing the Progressive Slots requires ones full attention and an awareness of the rules of the Progressive Game in question. Gamblers should always make it a point to read the rules of the Progressive Slots they are planning to play. Every Progressive Slot Game has certain restrictions when it comes to winning the maximum Jackpot. Generally speaking, the gambler has to play the maximum amount of coins on each spin in order to win the top Jackpot. However any gambler can win a part of the Jackpot, no matter how much they bet. But if you are hoping for that life changing 7 figure jackpot, be prepared to wager the maximum amount of coins for each and every spin.


Individual Progressives An individual Progressive Slot Machine is totally self contained. The entire Jackpot comes from that one machine. Usually, the Jackpots on these Slot Machines are far lower than the other types of Progressive Slots. Linked Progressives Linked progressives are groups of machines that are networked together to create one common Jackpot within one casino. These Jackpots have the potential to grow to large amounts. Multi-Location Progressives These are the machines from which a gambler can win a life changing jackpot. They can be linked between hundreds of machines in many different casinos owned by one gaming group. Both land based casinos and online casino offer Multi-Location Progressives. The chance of winning one of these huge jackpots is like winning the lottery but we still keep dreaming and trying to win. You have probably heard all kinds of stories about the best way to win at Progressive Slots. Well, there are no hard and fast rules for winning at Progressive Slots other than that you have to always bet the maximum amount of coins on each spin to win the maximum Jackpot. The other thing a gambler always wants to do when playing Progressives is to check the Jackpot before starting. One wants to play the Progressive offering the largest Jackpot, not the one that paid off recently. There are no other real strategies for Progressive Slots. The game is all about luck and that all powerful RNG (Random Number Generator) that controls the game. Just like regular single spin Slots, Progressive Slots are run by a RNG that RANDOMLY selects what will appear when the spin stops. The payout percentages are also governed by pre-set minimums that are determined by the licensing jurisdiction. If you play Progressive Slots online and the casino is approved by an organization like eCorga, you will be able to access monthly payout percentages for the slots and all the different games the casino offers. We suggest playing at casinos that make their payout percentages available to gamblers.

Progressive Jackpot Winners

Some gamblers will tell you that there are certain amounts of time one has to play in order to have a chance to win at Progressive Slots. A particular rumor is that many Progressive Slot Jackpots are won in the first few minutes of playing. This is actually a mis-understanding of what may actually be happening. Often someone will win after just a few minutes at a Progressive Slot Machine because they happened to walk up to a machine that was just vacated by another gambler. Many gamblers give up on a machine if they don’t win quickly and then another player comes along and wins on that machine after just a few minutes, thus creating the false impression of a quick win. The only real strategy or rule for playing Progressive Slots other then to bet the maximum to win the maximum, is to play with a sane pre-determined limit and to know when to stop. One should not be willing to risk the rent money to try to win that mega million dollar Jackpot. Just like any other gambling game, one must play with limits and self control. Progressive Slots should be a relaxing time for gamblers where you risk no more than 15% of your total gambling budget. Play for fun and enjoyment first and if the luck genie is smiling, maybe you will win a dream jackpot too.



Progressive and Multi Line Slots

Differences between Progressive and Multi Line Slots

The working principle of the progressive slot machine is quite similar to that of the common slot machines. The game has similar type of several progressive slot rows. And these small games are often tied to form into a larger game. The jackpot of the progressive slot machines often is calculated on the basis of the waging done. There are several types of progressive slot machines which generally depend on the requirement. The standalone progressive works alone it does not require the help of the other slot machines. The jackpot itself increases based on the players bet which is available during the game.

Progressive slots

The in-house progressive slot captures the idea of working with different slotting machines which can be connected together to generate the stipulated profit. The jackpot is shared by the other machines. There is also a new concept which has emerged in the progressive jackpot slot machines. The wide area progressive slot can work as slot machines linking more than two or more online blackjack. The contribution from each and every player adds to the profit. The progressive jackpot slot machines are noted for paying highest amount of jackpot. The amount is enlisted as a big win in many of the casino tournaments. Maximum betting is an advantage is this type of progressive jackpot games. If a player wages for the maximum amount then the outcome comes out in the best possible terms. Betting of minimum amount can be non profitable and the outcomes are estimated to result in as a lower amount.

Multi Line Slots

If we keenly observe land based casinos then we’ll find that different kinds of slot machines are available in almost every casino which differ from each other and are according to the player’s demand. Multi line slots are liked by mostly people because of its multiple pay line conception. This conception may provide large number of winning combination to the players due to which player can get a better winning amount. The most common sort of game available in the list of multiline slots is the wheel of fortune. This game is highly in demand amongst the casino card counting in blackjack . In wheel of fortune multiline slots are used along with the bon us round. In this machine player bets on a number and hit the button. If wheel stops at the correct place, player use to get the winning amount. There is a bankrupt zone mention into the wheel. If the wheel stops at this zone player gets bankrupt. This is highly risky. It is advised to play on trial versions of multiline slots available online to practice so that player may not feel difficult while actual play. By practicing on these trial slots player can learn different kinds of strategies required to win the game. These trial versions can be easily download from any site free of cost and can be practice anywhere and at any time. The best part of these slots is that once you have set your hands into the game you can easily grab the bonus amount.



How do Slot Machines Work?

What is a Slot Machine and How Does it Work?

Slot Machines or One Armed Bandits as they are known for their ability to take a players money, were invented by Charles Fey. In 1887, Mr. Fey made a few machines by hand for his Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada, where one of the original machines can still be seen today. Slot machines really caught on in the late 1940’s in the Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel owned by Benny “Bugsy” Siegel. Originally intended to entertain the wives and girlfriends of high-rollers, slot machines have gone on to become the most popular form of gambling today as well as the major source of gambling revenue for casinos. It is not unusual for a major casino to have over 5000 slot machines in their casino offering dozens of different variations on the game with all sorts of amazing graphics, bells and whistles. With the growth of gambling on the Internet, Slots have become even more popular as they are easy to learn, fun to play and can provide hours and hours of entertainment for a very small investment.

Slot Machine Tricks Cheats

A Slot Machine is a mechanical or electronic machine with three or more reels that spin when a lever is pulled or a button is pushed. The object of the game is to win money by matching symbols in a pre-determined combination on the various reels after they stop spinning. The symbols are usually brightly colored and easily recognizable, such as symbols of fruits, numerals or letters, and shapes such as bells,roulette tips, or hearts; newer video-based machines use animated cartoon characters and images of popular actors or singers, especially in the case of themed slot machines.  The player activates the machine by first putting a coin or token, or in more modern machines, a pre-printed, bar coded ticket, in the slot and then either pulls the lever or pushes the button to play. Bets may vary from one coin of a penny all the way up to special machines that take 100 dollar and even 500 dollar bets. Machines allow the player to play multiple coins and some machines may require multiple coins in order to trigger game of roulette a bonus round and win the jackpot. There are also progressive machines with multi-million dollar payouts. The current world record for a progressive slot payout is for over 39 million dollars in Las Vegas in 2003 and your author had the pleasure of being 5 feet away when the machine lit up to announce the winner. (One can only dream that one day it may happen to me.)

How Do Slot Machines Pay Out?

The variety of winning combinations and possible bets is almost unlimited in modern casinos. It is up to the player to become familiar with what their land based or Internet casino offers and play the machines that are both within their budget and offers the most fun for the longest playtime. One can have a great time and play for hours on end with a bankroll of 20$ in a penny slot machine. The idea with slots is to have fun while trying to win money as the odds really do favor the house in slot machine games.



Online Slot Machine Advantages and Tips to Play

The benefits of playing slot machines online:

  1. You can play at home. You don’t have to fly or drive to a crowded casino and put up with the noise and rush in a casino. You can also take a break when you feel like it and do whatever you want in your own home before resuming play and you can also dress in whatever and in as little clothing as you wish. Nothing beats online gambling for comfort and ease. 2. You can roam the internet and thereby, the world, for the absolute highest advertised payouts. According to renowned odds experts like the Wizard of Odds, payouts are usually better at online casinos for slot machines. 3. You can get bonuses on the amount of cash you deposit. This will give you more cash in your bankroll to wager on the slot machines. 4. Entertainment value. When you play online you have dozens of casinos to choose from without leaving home. There are always special events and tournaments being offered by online casinos to make your play online even more exciting.

Important Tip

We do suggest gambling devotees try to find a comfortable balance between live casinos and online casinos. Unless you live in a city like Las Vegas, live casinos are usually reserved for trips or vacations while online casinos are available easily and as often as you like. Have fun and stick to your limits.

Slot Machine Tips

Here are some tips regarding playing slot machines: 1. Set your limit before you start playing and stop playing before you lose your entire bankroll. If you plan to play over a few different play sessions if, for example, you are on vacation, pre-divide your bankroll by the number of planned play sessions. If you plan to play 500 dollars on slots and you plan to play once a day for a 5 day vacation, make your daily limit 100 dollars. Keep your winnings separate from your starting bankroll so you always walk away with some cash at the end of your play session. 2. Look over the payouts offered by the various machines in the casino and choose the one with the best payouts for the lowest winning combinations. 3. Look for a machine that offers the highest winning payout percentage. Look through the various casino advertisements in advance and speak to the slot manager in the casino where you decide to play. This will help you find the machine offering the best winning payout percentage. Casino floor managers are there to help the players. They want to see you win bets because they know winning players will to continue to gamble. They are usually more than willing to be helpful. 4. Be aware that playing a single machine over and over will not loosen it up. Individual payouts are totally random as are your chances of hitting a jackpot. Modern slot machine payouts are controlled by a random number generator and that means exactly what it says. They are RANDOM. There is no magic formula to win at slot machines. 5. Take advantage of any and all bonuses and reward cards offered when playing online or in a land based casino. Bonuses can extend your bankroll and playtime and reward cards can get you comps and gifts for the amount of money you wager. 6. When playing Progressive machines always bet the maximum coins and payline so you have a chance to win the biggest jackpot. If the machine you are on has a maximum that is too high for you then look for a progressive machine with a lower max. Don’t ever go in the hole or over your head playing slot machines. 7. If you find your self getting tired or angry , talk a break or walk away for the day. The slots are for enjoyment first and foremost. If you arent having fun, its time to stop. If the machine you are playing is becoming the enemy, find another machine or take a break. Win or lose, gambling should be entertaining and fun.